Meet Angie

Hi, I’m Angie. I can help you feel good again.

I am a certified yoga therapist passionate about relieving pain and enhancing well-being. Yoga therapy transformed my body and mind, and how I show up in the world. I know it can do the same for you!

Angie is based in Squamish, British Columbia – She strives to help people realize their passion and potential and personally knows it’s hard to do this when you have something getting in the way, like pain, tension, lack of energy or if you’re just not feeling aligned with yourself.

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I became a yoga therapist because I deeply understand how pain can negatively impact your life. After my own experience with pregnancy and postpartum pain, I discovered that traditional yoga classes just weren't working for me anymore – even though I was an experienced yoga teacher!

I knew there had to be a more powerful and effective way to utilize the healing benefits of yoga to regain my energy, strength and resilience. So I did some research and discovered Susi Hately, a certified yoga therapist with decades of experience who taught me how to recognize the subconscious patterns of my body and learn a new way to move that helped me get out of pain. I found Susi’s work to be so incredibly valuable that I continued to work with her towards becoming a yoga therapist myself.  I completed the program April 2021 and I am now a C-IAYT Certified Yoga Therapist. I was also lucky to have met my Ayurveda teacher Dr. Mona Warner in Susi’s program and I’ve been studying with her ever since. Her approach to Ayurveda has also provided the structure, nourishment and support for me to find health, maintain balance and feel good. 

I would love to help you experience the healing benefits of yoga therapy for yourself!