Small Group Yoga Therapy

Presented by Angie Keefe


Experience yoga therapy in a small group setting.

Up to 5 participants (highly Personalized)
$237/person for 8 one hour sessions
Live on Zoom

The sessions are customized based on the needs of the participants. Prior to starting you will fill out a form to let me know what symptoms you are experiencing and what you’d like to work on. We will explore how your body moves and how you can enhance your movement patterns. You’ll strengthen your mind-body connection by honing your ability to listen to the messages and signals of your body. You’ll also improve your ability to relax, rest, and strengthen your body so you can move with more ease, less effort and more joy. Everyone is welcome. No previous experience is needed. Each session will be recorded and available within 24 hours on your account so you can practice at home.

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Book the Small Group Yoga Therapy

I am currently teaching via Zoom. Contact me if you’d like to join small group yoga therapy. When I have 4-5 people interested I will start a new group.

Small Group Yoga Therapy

The first step to signing up for the Small Group Yoga Therapy is answering a few questions to determine if we are a good fit. Follow the link below, fill out the form and Angie will be in touch!

Personalized Enterprise Package

Create a comprehensive and personalized program that addresses the specific needs of your organization or business. Contact Angie for more information.

meet your instructor

Angie Keefe

Angie Keefe combines her scientific background with yoga therapy techniques to improve mobility, well-being, and sleep.
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