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The fastest, most effective way to reclaim your strength and your freedom.

Where we experience pain or tension is often not where the problem is. Pain and tension frequently result from less than ideal patterns in our bodies. These patterns often lie below the level of our awareness. When we become aware of the pattern, we can create change and reduce the pain and tension we feel. In many cases it isn’t what you’re doing, it’s how you’re doing it.

In my one-on-one private sessions, I will help you identify your unique compensation patterns and show you how to retrain and nurture your body to reduce these patterns and ensure you are moving your best. As your awareness grows, your ability to recognize your patterns and create change increases. As the new patterns strengthen the amount of tension and pain you feel reduces, changing how you move through your life.

Private sessions are customized to your specific goals and will give you more powerful and immediate results. You’ll get the personal support you need to achieve transformation faster than you think!

For the best results, I recommend that clients work with me for 3 months. My 3-month program includes 8 one-hour private sessions plus a Customized Yoga Therapy Plan after each session designed to help you practice your movement at home and continue to build your awareness and results between sessions. Generally we meet once a week for the first 4 weeks and then once every 2 weeks for the next 2 months, however, this can vary from person to person.

Detailed Approach


This program is designed to help you:

Reduce pain, tension or discomfort

Move with more ease

Sleep better

Increase energy, resilience and stamina

Build strength

Increase focus, clarity and contentment

Manage a chronic condition so that all of the above are possible

Who I work with

My clients are smart, hard working people that find themselves with pain, tension, aches and stress.

They may have been able to shrug off some of the symptoms for a while or they may have felt resigned to feeling pain as a part of aging or as part of a diagnosed condition. However, they often sense there is more contributing to their pain than is immediately obvious and they are curious to look a little deeper. They know that more is possible.

Past results

How Angie has helped past clients

Issues I’ve helped my clients with:

  • Unresolved injuries - they’ve often made progress through physiotherapy or other modalities, but there is still an underlying experience of pain, even though the tissues have healed
  • Back pain
  • Arthritis, repetitive stress injuries
  • MS, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia
  • Cancer and stroke recovery
  • Balance and mobility issues
  • Anxiety and depression
  • And more

My clients are usually keen to get back to an activity they previously enjoyed – without pain! I’ve helped people get back to group yoga classes, rock climbing, hiking, marathon running, biking, swimming, skiing, kayaking, playing at the park with the kids or sitting on the floor with the grandkids.

I only work with a handful of private clients at any time and have rolling openings as spots become available. If you’re ready to dive deeper into your pain puzzle, explore your body’s unique patterns, discover your innate ability to heal and get results please fill out the form below! I want to ensure we are a good fit.

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Book the 3-Month Program

I am currently seeing clients via Zoom. Contact me if you’d like more information on working with me one-on-one. The 3-Month Program, which includes 8 sessions is $720. Single 1hr sessions are $100. Please fill out the form below or email me

The 3-Month Program

The first step to signing up for the 3-Month Program is answering a few questions to determine if we are a good fit. Follow the link below, fill out the form and Angie will be in touch!

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Angie Keefe

Angie Keefe combines her scientific background with yoga therapy techniques to improve mobility, well-being, and sleep.
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